Trips to John of God

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Trips to John of God

Me and my good friend Bert ( Thanks for your friendship )

As a Casa guide I seek to offer a different service, to give special attention to the visitors of the casa
and to accompany them in their process, 
explaining step by step and giving support
psychologicaly, emotionally and spiritually
in their treatment. 

For this I use the tools I gained in my time of service
as an official translator and volunteer 
at the Casa de Dom Inacio since 2006.

Of course, I do this work in a very gentle and graceful way, 
full of happiness and joy, but never forgetting the truth 
and the focus on the treatment or the personal growth.

I like to work especially with those who want to learn about spirituality, who want to develop their mediumship skills or want to know about spiritism.

Me and my biggest master and friend ( Love you grandpa! )

I am an official translator of the Casa and have been working daily at the Casa. My work is to assist and mediate the encounters between the visitors and the John of God.

I arrived at the casa in 2006 and a couple of months after started to work as a volunteer.

I am  Brazilian born and full time resident of Abadiania, i speak fluent English, Spanish, a little bit of French and of course my native language, Portuguese.

I have already gone through highs and lows in my life and from these difficulties I learned many lessons. With this experience of life and aided with spiritual knowledge I started to seek new understandings and lessons from life. This has helped me to know how to deal with different situations and personal cases. 

After working as translator and assisting many guides over these years, I saw the opportunity to contribute more to the visitors of the John of God and decided to start a new stage of my service at the Casa working as a guide.

who am i?

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