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John of God doing eye operation, i am holding the flash light to assist.

Price and payment

Before you deciding to come and see John of God, this little fly in your ear, your thinking about coming to Brazil, are the spirits guides arranging your visit to John of God. Everything that we do in our spiritual life with serious spiritual work needs the permission from the Astral World.

So spirits can’t decide for ourselves but yes, they make an influence in our daily life, this is why is so important to have our thoughts inspired and directed to God everyday.

Going back to the point, if you started to think about coming to John of God, you are being inspired by higher beings or your spiritual guides.

This is why it is so important to have somebody with a real background about it, so you will have proper support in your visit and take the most that you can from your Journey.

12 nights in a nice and clean room, i always try to work with the best options that we have when we talk about pousada ( small hotels in the village ),

Three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The taxi from Brasilia ( Capital of Brazil ) to Abadiania and the return to the airport.

Meetings in group where we are going to talk about spiritism, All the meetings with John of God translated, and guidance in the process. Casa protocols and everything.

During the week i am going to present some spiritist movies that we can discuss after the presentation.

During your stay i will personally talk to each of you about your requests to John of God, and look for solutions and different perspectives of life and points of view from your own situation, what concerns you and how to overcome that.

1 day trip, to nearest location, very old city in Brazil, one of the first cities in the region, with a delicious brunch and short hike in to native forest. Visitors will have time to shop a little bit in this town before we go for the brunch in this beautiful organic farm.

The whole package that is described here it costs, 1750 US DOLLARS FOR 12 NIGHTS, WITH ALL INCLUDED.

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There is a fee confirmation to book your place of 100 USD, its done thru PAYPAL, addressed to


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Trips to John of God