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Trips to John of God

João Teixeira de Faria  affectionately called Joao de Deus (John of God in English) is today one of the most famous and respected mediums in activity in the whole world. Around 10 million people have already been treated by him in his years of dedication to this work. João is a full-trance medium, this is also called unconscious medium, because he is fully in trance or unconscious while good spirits of saints and doctors use his body to perform healings that can be physical, emotional or spiritual. 

These spirits of light are also called entities. There are at least 37 different entities that work regularly with João. These entities also bring thousands of helping spiritswith them, who work anonymously to give the necessary support to the work so that everyone can receive what they came looking for.

Sometimes people confuse João, the man, with the spirit entities that work through him. To make this distinction clear, when João incorporates a spirit people call him the Entity as opposed to the medium (or just plain João) when talking about the man. This is why João always says:

“I have never healed anyone, the one who heals is God and the good spirits”

When you go near the Entity you are seen completely, and the Entity knows what is the best treatment for you to achieve your healing. Because of this it is important to use white clothes, which apart from being a colour that transmits peace, it facilitates the seeing of your aura, chakras, and other energetic systems by the Entity in João's body.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, John of God works to help people from all around the world who look for him with several types of illnesses: AIDS, cancer, self inmune deficiencies, MS, and other physical and psychological disturbances such as deppression, anxiety, autism or relational problems. Many people also visit the Casa de Dom Inacio for their own evolution and spiritual growth. 

The moment a person comes in contact with the entities of the Casa, his or her life starts to be guided and protected by them, being part of a current of love that flows from these benevolent spirits.

the BEGINNING of his history

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Trips to John of God

Meet john of god

The first manifestation of his mediumship happened when he was 9 years old as he was walking with his mother in a bright sunny day when he had a vision of a great storm that would tear down several houses, including his brother's house. A few hours later after this premonition, a torrential rain destroyed 40 houses in a small village. 

His healing work started in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. One day, when he was seeking shelter underneath a bridge, he had a vision of a woman that called him and asked him to go near the river where they had a long conversation. Later he found out that it was the spirit of Saint Rita of Cassia, who guided him to a spiritist center in the city. When he got there, he was received at the gates by the director of the center who asked if his name was João Teixeira de Faria and told him that they had been expecting him. 

João went near him and suddenly fainted. When he woke up some hours later, he was told that he had received incorporation from the spirit of King Solomon, and he had treated and healed several people.

From that day on he never ceased performing healing work. João worked in several cities where he was accused of practising medicine without license until he stablished himself in the town of Abadiânia and founded the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola in 1976.