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Receiving instructions from the entities

i believe in a unique and customized guided experience for each and every human being.

my approach

Why Trips to John?

I founded trips to john for one simple reason. To attentively assist all visitors that want to come to the casa with a guide; specifically those who are interested in learning about spiritism, reincarnation - the mechanism of our many lives on earth - and finally, those who want to develop and gain a deeper understanding of mediumship.

Unfortunately, we've seen many guides talking about flowers and fairies; this is not the focus of spiritism, nor is it our focus. My main goal is to help our brothers and sisters to become more aware of a bigger reality, with much deeper subjects and teachings in order to promote each individual's spiritual growth. We do not intend to take advantage of those who are sick. John of God and the volunteers of the casa offer FREE assistance. As this is my work and my life as a volunteer of the casa, I believe this is not something that can be charged for.

Why having me as your guide?

Simply stated - so you can relax and focus on your inner work. You won't have to worry about logistics in an unfamiliar setting with a language that is not easy to learn or to understand. You will have an expert facilitating and explaining your process, which is unique to each individual. 

Our work is focused on development; personal development. Why? Because we are spirits having a human experience, not the other way around. Spiritual development is actually PERSONAL development.

With much appreciation for those who understand these words.


Thank you John of God!

Trips to John of God